E-Paper    117- July Newsletter
2019-08-05 117- July Newsletter

【Summer Promotion】Vandal Resistant Metal Control Set !!!



【Hardware Upgrade】Biometric Controller AR-331EF is upgraded
To make the fingerprint sensor more sensitive to identify both small or big finger, SOYAL modify the mechanical housing; the new design increase the touch area when the use finger place on the sensor, the larger touch area make the identification more sensitive and faster.
【Software Upgrade】 CommView Upgrade New Feature

After adding TCP/IP communication interface,it is more easier and convenient for the engineers and software developers to test commands ,debug, do troubleshooting to TCP/IP controller with the software.
Software Figure Screenshot
The compatible newest software version: SoyalToolSetup 1907.18.exe
Note: Please make sure to select the correct Network interface.

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Q & A were updated to our website, please go and check on them to get some new information of SOYAL system!
1. S003005047-EN
How to use 701Client to send QR Code to assigned Email?
2. S00303022-EN
Auto Open Zone for all H series controller and digital door lock AR-323D without keypad
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Software Version
701 Client Ver190718
701 Server Ver190621
SoyalToolSetup Ver190718


1. Name:701ClientSetup901 190718.exe
New Function:The new version fixes the bug of exporting the user when the name is default “null” on monthly report.
2. Name: 701Client901 portable 190718 HEX (64/32).exe
New Function:Support user card number with Hex32 / 64 format


New Function:Fix the bug of using 727CM to release all door locks in fire event caused by Network congestion
New Function:Fix the bug of using 727CM to release all door locks in fire event caused by Network congestion


【Summer Promotion】
Vandal Resistant Metal Control Set
【Firmware Upgrade】E-V5 Series Controller Firmware Upgrade

CVE-2019-6451 weak authentication of SOYAL E-V5 Controller has been solved. please only upgrade your E-V5 controllers to the newest firmware version V0403 and above; the new firmware can be download on SOYAL offical website.

【Application】Send QR Code Image to E-mail by 701Client

Customized Software:701Client190709 portable QRCode_SendEmail ABA.exe
Function: With the customized version, the Card Number can be converted into QR Code image and then send the image to the assigned E-mail address; we can assign the QR Code to be able to access in specific Door Group and the limited date (need E/HV5 controllers) and; after the expired date, the QR Code will be automatically invalid.

【Case Study】 Count and display the numbers of people inside
The case is recommended for construction site management. The people need to use the valid card to get access at entrance and exit; the system can automatically count the total numbers of people inside and also display the name list of people inside in the software.
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