E-Paper    109- November Newsletter
2018-10-29 109- November Newsletter

 Dual Doors Interlock Application on E/HV5 Series controllers

【Software Upgrade】 " Lift Control" Software supports 725H & 837E from now on

After upgrade the special firmware for 725H and 837E and also upgrade the new version software, the manager can manage different floors in lift to be automatically released at 16 specified time zones and also can release the floor buttons remotely on software for the visitors or the residents who forget the cards to be free to use the lift.

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【727CM-IO】Cloud Based Nursing Care Monitoring System
In recent years, the application requirement for long-term care is increasing as we move towards an aging society. SOYAL provides the hardware equipment AR-727CM-IO for SI or software developer to integrate with their system and Web Platform that can timely track and report the updated status of wards and patients anytime and anywhere; Moreover, the family members of patients and nursing persons can receive the messages to know well about the situation of the patient in the first time.
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【SOYAL】Thank you for visiting SOYAL booth at 2018 Alot Taiwan Expo.
SOYAL had a successful show at 2018 Alot Taiwan fair during Oct.9th ~12th ,2018 in Taiwan; thank you very much for your participation to help us have such a wonderful show.
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Software Version
701 Client Ver181027
701 Server Ver181022
SoyalToolSetup Ver180912



New Function:Add 837E to be compatible with the software that can manage different floors on lift to be automatically released s at 16 specified time zones

1. Name:837E
New Function:
Support the tools of Lift control
2.. Name:837E & 725Ev2
New Function:
Support Dual Doors Interlock


【Function】101US Dual Output Interface WG & RS-485 Application
SOYAL Ultra Mini WG reader AR-101US features not only dual band (125Khz & 13.56Mhz) but also dual output interface WG26/34 & RS-485 by switching jumper manually. Moreover, AR-101US can be replaced the discounted model of AR-737H(U) that is the same as 101US with dual output interface.
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【FW Upgarde】 Dual Doors Interlock Application on E/HV5 Series controllers

We are adding different frequencies HID module to our controllers for Time Attendance Application. Now we provide HID Prox Module, HID iclass Module and HID Dual Band Module as optional accessory for you to choose; please contact SOYAL for the details.

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【Upgrade Version】 Touchless button Comparison Chart

SOYAL keeps upgrading our Ultra Mini touchless button series so that provides our clients the best quality products. The series products are advantageous to apply at places with limited installation space or with high hygiene requirements eg. Hospital, Clinic or public areas. The issue of light interference has been greatly improved on the new version of AR-101PBi-V2. The following chart lists the details of each version for your reference.

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SOYAL E-Learning Training on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/soyal is updating biweekly. We believe these videos will be helpful and more convenient for all customers to learn SOYAL System.
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New Topic : 【SOYAL】Release door locks Solution in Fire Alarm Event


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